Frequently asked questions
What is the frequency at which fanzines are published?

The date at which a fanzine is released depends on many factors, so there is no fixed release schedule for the fanzines. On the average, you can expect two issues per year.

I have problems logging in. Can you send me my login name and password?

You can request your login name or a new password (we cannot send you your old password) by clicking here

What happens at the end of my membership period?

When you become a member, you pay for four fanzines. When we send you the fourth fanzine, an invoice is sent along with it. If you want to stay a member, you just pay the invoice and your membership period is extended by four fanzines. If you no longer want to be a member, you can just ignore the invoice, and your membership will be ended.

What kind of events does the fanclub organize for its members?

On a regular basis, fanclub meetings are organized. During these meetings, the fanclub members have the opportunity to meet the band members in a nice, relaxed atmosphere. Besides that, these meetings usually some special activities, like a quiz or a small acoustic performance.

Are members allowed to bring guests to fanclub meetings?

The fanclub organisation always tries to make sure that the capacity for fanclub meetings is high enough for members to bring a guest with them. Unfortunately, this is not always possible; this means that if the capacity for a meeting is too small, then guests are not allowed.

I have received an invoice, but I've lost it!

If you click here, fill in your name and email address, and submit the form, we will send you a new invoice by email.

I didn't find my question here!

Don't hesitate to ask us using the contact form. We'll get back to you with an answer as soon as we can!

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