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Membership costs:

  • For people living in the Netherlands: 15 euro for a period of four fanzines
    (approximately two years).
  • For people living outside the Netherlands: 20 euro for a period of four fanzines (approximately two years).

What do you get in return:

  • Four issues of the official fan club magazine, where you can find many articles about the band, stories from the band members themselves, Epica members' profiles, tour reports, exclusive photos, etc.
  • Access to the member's area on the fan club site, with many interesting sound files (demos, first recordings, pre-productions, raw recordings, etc) provided by the Epica band members; photos and video clips.
  • Meets and greets, organised especially for the members
  • Contests with interesting prizes

We hope all you members have a lot of fun with the site and the magazine!
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